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LED R SMART offers the best LED Lighting for your
commercial, industrial and residential business.
Why LED AMP Energy
As a concept matures, as popularity increases so does the propensity to make the benefits generic. They are not! The early cell phone (the Brick) and computer (580K) bear little resemblance to today’s standards. Some of the LED chips manufactured in 2001 are still being offered as modern solutions.
LED products are differentiated by color rendering index, size of the chips and dissipation of heat. The manufacturers and distributors are defined by the quality of the LED components and guarantees. LED AMP Energy combines knowledge of the product with the ability to find solutions to increase benefits.
The factors that distinguishes LED’s from previous lighting is the same thing that differentiates LED AMP Energy from its competition quality, longevity and experience with various products and applications.   
In any quickly evolving market the challenge is differentiating one product from another. Having worked with the manufacturers on developing applications for specific uses enables the company to define quality and create value.
This is why we use where possible 2016 products such as Organic LED lights from manufactures that guarantee products 5 years or more and have a useful life from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This dynamic permits LED AMP Energy to deliver the effective results. In going a step beyond the company has begun to combine solar energy with LED lighting when the combination proves most effective. The next few years will reveal solutions to the storage of energy which will make solar even more viable.